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RealtyUSA is the largest, independent real estate company in New York State with nearly 60 offices, including Naples, Florida, and over 2,000 agents and employees. RealtyUSA is ranked #8 in the United States in terms of the largest independent real estate firms. Driven by the needs of our customers and agents, we provide a professional environment and innovative real estate products and services to our customers, clients and agents. RealtyUSA is number one because: We have more buyers than other REALTORS in our markets. Our home listings spend fewer days on the market More home searches are done on our web site More advertising dollars are committed to marketing Over 1,700 top-selling agents Buyers' discounts on carpet and furnishings On behalf of RealtyUSA, we welcome you to our firm and look forward to serving you.Read

Direct: (607)754-2600

3646 George F Hwy
Endwell, NY 13760

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