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Elizabeth Gray-Carr
111 Broadbent WayAnderson, SC 29625
Realty Partners
Direct(864) 225-2503

The only job that Elizabeth has held her entire adult life is that of full time real estate agent. She’s helped over 1,300 families make the transition from old home to new home, and there’s absolutely no substitute for that. After you’ve done anything 1,300 times, you’ve gotten pretty good at it and seen almost everything. While each transaction is unique and involves a different cast of buyers, sellers, inspectors, lender, attorneys and more, Elizabeth has learned over the years what to do and what to avoid to make your home buying or selling experience a smooth one.You have to be able to totally trust that your real estate professional has your best interests in mind, even above their own. Elizabeth has always believed in one business philosophy - Do The Right Thing. She knows that the best marketing is a satisfied client.Read

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