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Andy Reynolds
252 Latitude Lane Suite 101Lake Wylie, SC 29710
Keller Williams
Direct(704) 763-7196
Broker(803) 000-0000

Andy Reynolds has spent his entire life enjoying the small-town charm and enriching lakeside activities of the Lake Wylie area. And now, as a Realtor in both North Carolina and South Carolina, he has been able to help many families find homes that provide them the opportunity to experience all the joys this area has to offer. Specializing in Waterfront and custom homes, Andy is well equipped to help you find your very own paradise in the beautiful Lake Wylie area. His local expertise and extensive customer service experience will be very beneficial in all your Real Estate endeavors. He takes great pride in helping clients find the real-life version of their dream. As Andy always says, “From sign up to sign down, I work for you”.Read

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